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Cro Cop may be out of Pride and in the WFA

Well, this sucks.

According to a translation I saw on the Underground, this Croation news report says that Cro-Cop has dropped out of the final round of the Pride Open-Weight Grand Prix. Apparently Pride and Cro-Cop could not agree on what Cro-Cop would be paid if he makes it to the final fight. Worse, if Cro-Cop does not fight in the Grand-Prix the report says he probably will not return to fight for Pride.

But, interestingly, the report goes on the say that Cro-Cop has a big offer on the table from the WFA (which confirms the speculation that arose from an earlier Cro-Cop interview.

This is a clear sign that 1) Pride’s is on shaky ground since it lost its contract with Fuji T.V., and 2) the WFA has the resources to seriously challenge the UFC.

The new TUF fans may not know who Cro-Cop is, but if the WFA gets the T.V. deal it has been seeking, he is the kind of fighter who can put the organization over the top.

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