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Speaking of dropping out of a fight

Dave Terrell has dropped out of UFC 62, which is more than three weeks away, because he has a sinus infection.

This news reminds of the time in 2000 when Terrell dropped out of a fight against Jeremy Horn in the IFC while the show was in progress. Terrell had missed the official weigh in before the show in Fresno, and so he weighed in at his bjj academy in the Bay Area and then drove to the show. When Horn insisted that he wanted to see Terrell get on a scale to see what he weighed before the fight, Terrell freaked and left the show – even though the show had already started.

So, if I scratch my head at reading this news about a sinus infection, you know why.

update 8/3: I received an email about this post that prompts me to mention the fact that I was the color commentator for the IFC show where Terrell walked out of his fight against Horn. So, I have first-hand information about the incident and had an involvement with the promotion. tags: , , , , , ,

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