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Tito reacts to Dana's text message

From MMA.TV, here is Tito’s reaction to Dana White’s now infamous “You’re my enemy until the day I dietext message to Jeff “Sherdog” Sherwood:

Welcome to my world

This comes on the heals of another classic Dana White meltdown in which he called Ortiz a moron (and gratuitously slammed Ken Shamrock for good measure):

“It shows you how stupid he [Ortiz] is because he doesn’t even know how much money he’s made,” White said. “And he made a lot of that for beating up on Shamrock.”

White also scoffed at the notion that Ortiz isn’t being promoted properly and pointed out that his face adorns a billboard in New York’s Times Square, alongside the I-15 freeway at one of the busiest intersections in Las Vegas and all throughout Southern California.

“There’s a billboard of his big ugly gorilla face at the busiest point in Las Vegas,” White said, “where it can scare kids who are riding by in their cars. Guess whose ugly head is on our billboard in Times Square?

“He’s a moron: A complete and total moron. His whole career, he’s stepped over a dollar to pick up a dime. I’m sick of him. It’s time he started beating up someone other than a nearly 50-year-old Ken Shamrock.”

White also said the UFC has an ad set to run in USA Today on July 6 which has a picture of the lightweight and middleweight title belts that are up for stake at UFC 73 on the top half of the ad and has Ortiz’ and Evans’ faces on the bottom of it.

“Does that sound to you like we’re ignoring him or not promoting him?” White said. “I’ll tell you what it is, it’s more proof, as if anybody needed any, that Tito is a moron.”

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