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The Zuffa myth makes its T.V. debut

Ivan Trembow has *great* news. The Zuffa myth made its T.V. debut last week! tags: , , ,

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  1. Anonymous said

    The Zuffa myth made it’s debut on Canadian tv in late May.

    “It had the common factual errors about who introduced time limits, weight divisions, ringside judges, etc. Funny, how all these documentaries always seem to feature Dana White, and those factual errors. Hmmm?”

  2. Actually, that’s not the first time the Zuffa myth appeared. But, I gave Zach Arnold and credit for spotting the trend when I first talked about the zuffa myth.


  3. Anonymous said

    I didn’t mean to imply that the Zuffa myth first reared it’s head on the Canadian tv program. I was just noting that it was on tv before. I’m guessing Dana even brought it up as far back as his visit on Donny Deutsch’s show last summer.