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. . . until the day I die

As listeners to last week’s FightOpinion Radio show will recall, when I saw Jeff “Sherdog” Sherwood at the last K-1 show he told me that the WEC (which has the same owners as the UFC) revoked’s press credentials because the site had given too much coverage to K-1.

Well, I just confirmed that later during the K-1 show Dana White sent Sherdog a text message that ended as follows:

You are my enemy until the day I die. Fucking embarrassing.

Frankly, Dana White should be fucking embarrassed he sent the message. When an ego is as out of control as his, it is bound to take a fall.

Update 6/29: Coincidentally, today Oregon Live gives a little more background on the Dana White vs. feud:

One of the more surprising feuds to surface in recent months has been between the UFC and, the largest independent MMA Web site that recently partnered with

White recently stated his disdain for and other MMA Web sites on a Sacramento radio show. Given the importance of Internet buzz in creating the UFC juggernaut, the statement was surprising.

“I have had a lot of battles with those guys,” White said. “I have no respect for Sherdog. Half their stories are a complete (expletive) lie. It’s like a tabloid.

“Plus, they went and found out who the finalists were for season four of The Ultimate Fighter and ran them. Of all the scumbaggish things. When you burn me like that, it’s forever. I will never trust them or like them.”

Sherdog editor Josh Gross reacted with surprise, Just as he had reacted when the UFC pulled Sherdog’s media credentials two years ago.

“I dare him to point to one story we reported that we had to retract or move away from. He can’t,” Gross said via email. “Regarding TUF, yeah well sometimes news happens to be something people don’t want out. TUF 4 was different than every other season, as it was intended to crown No. 1 contenders in two weight divisions. We’re not talking about some kids no one had heard of. These were veteran fighters. And so we had who was in the finals, and reported as discreetly as possible; we warned anyone that didn’t want to know that they should turn down their radios.

“Also, that doesn’t explain why we were denied in Oct. of ’05 when the TUF news was reported in June of ’06.”

Update 6/30/07: Tito Ortiz reacts. tags:

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