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WFA media event a success – now comes the hard part

The WFA held a press event on Tuesday that featured a workout session by a number of the fighters appearing on it’s card this Saturday. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, “Razor” Rob McCollough, Jorge Oliveira and Antonio McKee all worked out for the press, while Bas Rutten made himself available for interviews. Plus, Tito Ortiz made a special appearance to lend his support and make himself available to the press.

Jason “Mayhem” Miller takes a bite out of the ear of trianing partner “Lunchbox”.

The event could only be described as a success. The local ABC and CBS affiliates, along with several other television stations and MMA media outlets attended the event, and Bas Rutten left early in order to appear live on ESPN news.

The WFA has kept true to its word and put its fighters first and featured them instead of the WFA name brand in promoting its show. It was an impressive bit of P.R. work.’s Josh Gross and Greg Savage wait in vain for Bas Rutten. Rutten had to leave for a live appearance on ESPN News before they could interview him.

Now, however, comes the hard part – selling tickets and the PPV. The UFC has had great PPV numbers lately, but the UFC benefits from having its reality show and fight cards on Spike T.V. While the WFA has been running a half-hour countdown show on Showtime, it has not had too much of an opportunity to capture casual fans’ interest yet.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson giving an interview.

The people associated with the WFA sound very upbeat about the prospects for the upcoming show, but optimism does not guaranty success. The thing you have to wonder about is what the WFA will do going forward if the event is less than a smashing success. The word is that they already have their next show scheduled, and they appear to be making good progress towards television deals, so you have to expect that they will be around for (at least) the forseeable future. tags: , ,

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  1. I think that Kimo being off the WFA card is really going to hurt it. Its hard to justify paying $35 for an up-and-coming promotions PPV when one of the main events is no longer on.