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Welcome to the wonderful world of MMA promotion

The WFA is now officially repborn as an MMA promotion – it has had key fighters drop off its card at the last minute. reports that the California State Athletic Commission has booted Kimo Leopoldo drom his fight against Bas Rutten at this Saturday’s WFA card because he tested positive for steroids. Plus, Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons has been dropped from the card for an undisclosed reason. Kimo is being replaced by Wes Sims and Martin Kampmann is replacing Pele.

Rutten, who directed some thinly veiled insults about steroid use towards Kimo when’s beatdown radio interviewed him last week, did not mince words when asked about the suspension:

“Every guy who uses steroids to fight is a fucking pussy,” said an exasperated Rutten. “For him to do this shit after all the promotion he did, all the shit he talked about me — taking me out in minutes and all that bullshit — apparently that was the steroids talking, right?”

That comes from the same man who was one of Mark Kerr’s main training partners.

Update 7/21: You can read the WFA’s press release regarding Kimo at

Update 7/21: is now reporting that Sims is out as well. tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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