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Eddie Goldman goes off on the Zuffa myth

Did you know that the UFC had no rules and avoided state athletic commissions’ sanctioning? Did you know that Zuffa and Zuffa alone had the brilliant idea to legitimize the sport? If you answered “no,” good for you because that is totally untrue. Of course, the fact that it is untrue has not stopped the “mainstream media” from publishing this myth instead of doing the miniscule amount of research that would be necessary to learn the history of MMA and the UFC.

In article after article the press reports as fact a myth created by Zuffa that it alone legitimized MMA. That trend continues with a new article in the Las Vegas Review Journal called, UFC’s popularity brings White’s quest to fruition, which takes the Zuffa legend to new levels of inaccuracy. (For example, if you were to believe the article Zuffa got MMA sanctioned in the New Jersey when, in fact, Zuffa did not even exist at the time New Jersey sanctioned MMA and the SEG run UFC had its first show there.)

Well, Eddie Goldman has had enough. He saw the article and penned a scathing reply that I recommend to anyone interested in the actual history of the regulation of MMA.

Meanwhile, turning back to the Las Vegas Review Journal article, it has some other interesting tidbits about Dana White worth noting, including the fact that Dana White was a boxercise instructor before becoming the president of the UFC, and that White never graduated college.

You have to give kudos to White, a man with little formal education and a rough-and-tumble background, for becoming so successful. tags: , , , , , , ,

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  1. Anonymous said

    Hmm, I would be careful about being in lockstep with Eddie as he will always have an anti-Zuffa skew based on his sense of entitlement to ringside tickets being infringed upon after management changed hands. No mention of the torpedoed WWF deal when Meyrowitz’s renowned shiftiness came into play and he attempted to change his handshake deal with Vince at the last step when it was going on paper, either. A lot of what Eddie says is true. But he is also doing a good job whitewashing the pre-Zuffa days of SEG management in his zeal to sling vitriol at Zuffa as well.