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Might as well be pro wrestling

Tito Ortiz has a clause in his UFC contract that gives him the right to box Dana White for three three-minute rounds. The rumor is that the winner fights Vice McMahon in a Loser-Leaves-Town match.

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  1. JOAT said

    Honestly I kind of like the idea. Why hold on to old grudges when you can punch it out in a three round sparring session? I think some of my past jobs could have been a lot better if I knew I could smack the boss around a little.

    Besides the thought of Tito smacking Dana White bald lilly head brings a smile to my face.

    It also sounds a lot like what Saul was trying to accomplish by having Rory and Kendall slug it out during training after the whole ass-to-glove incident.

  2. Most MMA companies, and especially Zuffa, imitate the fake pro “wrestling” in most regards anyway, with the only notable exception being that the fights are real, at least in UFC anyway. Behavior that in most other pro sports and areas of life would result in suspensions and fines are rewarded, marketed, promoted, and glamorized by UFC and its highly-edited “reality” series. Why is the self-proclaimed “MMA media” so silent on this? I think we know the answer.