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Dana White says his sparring match with Tito Ortiz will be a private affair

A little more than a week ago Tito Ortiz said in an interview that his scheduled boxing sparring match with Dana White would be sold on DVD. Now, MMA Weekly reports that at last week’s post-UFC press conference White squashed that idea and said, “I’ll beat him up in private.”

It is nice to see the UFC take a small step back from pro-wrestling nonsense. But, I would bet that more than a few MMA fans will be disappointed to learn they have lost their chance to see White get punched in the face. tags: , , , , , ,

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  1. If Vince McMahon could have the WBF (World Bodybuilding Federation), surely Dana could have the UBC (Ultimate Boxing Championships)!

  2. Here is a part of a report on what Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez said on their pro wrestling radio show Sunday night:

    When we come back Dave asks Bryan what the biggest story of the year was. Bryan says Gracie-Hughes getting 600,000 buys. Dave says the rise of UFC and the fall of WWE on PPV would definitely be the top for him. Dave brings up that Pro Wrestling Illustrated had a list of the top 50 stories of the year and none of this stuff cracked the top 50. Dave says this has been, outside of the Observer and Figure 4, the most under reported story he can imagine. He noted that even on his own web site poll, you can see that 95% of the people who voted in a poll aren’t even aware this has happened. Bryan says that UFC is promoted almost exactly like pro wrestling, its just real. He says that wrestling promoters really need to take notice of what UFC is doing when it comes to making new stars and getting people interested in seeing matches.