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Suspended should mean suspended

Zach Arnold has discovered that Mike Kyle, who was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission for a brtual, illegal attack on Brian Olson in an MMA fight, is scheduled to fight in an event in Idaho.

Arnold is asking a very good question: State boxing commissions are supposed to respect the suspension of other states’ commissions. If that is the case, then how the heck is Kyle getting a license to fight?

Arnold also has a suggestion about whom you should call to get an answer.

Update 7/15: According to, Arnold’s efforts paid off and the Idaho athletic commision pulled Kyle from the show. tags: , ,

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  1. There is still no official mma equivalent of FightFax, which keeps the records of all these things for the commissions for boxing. And now the politicians are reorganizing the California commission.

    Boxing writer Fiona Manning just write on the new site I also write for,

    As it stands, boxing has been placed directly into the hands of Charlene Zettel, head of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs. This department, under which CSAC has been operating, has never had a strong love or even passing knowledge of the sweet science.

    Zettel, who has a background in the Airport and Clean Air Authorities, has not spoken with reporters but she’s got herself under my well-aimed microscope. I am curious to know if she knows a fish hook from a left hook. Stay tuned.

  2. This is the link to the press release about California commission changes.

    Note that none of the current people on the CSAC (including Armando Garcia) are losing their jobs. Garcia’s crew is the same staff that people in MMA have been complaining about in regards to enforcement of rules and standards.