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The MMA media vs. UFC war continues. In the latest edition of’s Beatdown Radio show,’s editor Josh Gross talks about the site’s reporters being removed from the weigh-ins before the last UFC show for filming without a press pass.

Gross must have been pissed, because at the end of the show he decided to announce the 4 finalists from the upcoming season for The Ultimate Fighter 4 television show (which has finished filming but not yet aired). If you want to know who the finalists are, you can check out the radio show here. tags: , , , , , , ,

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  1. I wonder if we will see any kind of “response” from the UFC about this. I don’t really know what they could do, but this seems to be getting a little out of hand.

    You could tell Josh Gross knew he shouldn’t say anything, and you can hear him talk himself into it on the radio show. Kind of classless if you ask me. If he needed to “spill the beans” he should have just had those listeners that wanted to know email him and he could email them the spoiler.

  2. And the maturity levels just continue to skyrocket on both sides on this whole catfight. Both sides need to grow up, cause nobody is lookin’ good here.

  3. Zuffa deserved it. You can’t start a war and then not expect any casualties. Personally, I’ve found the likes of Don King and Bob Arum far more honorable to work with than these guys.

  4. PS – I’m not a gambling man, but are they still taking bets on who makes it to the finals?

  5. Anonymous said

    Zuffa has not been acting in good faith for quite some time, so the MMA media’s tacit agreement to refrain from reporting news such the finalists of TUFMAN 4 has been rendered null and void.

  6. Anonymous said

    Mikey Burnett loses to Din Thomas by triangle