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Are all MMA promoters thugs?

In May, Bob Sapp walked out of a K1 show just minutes before he was scheduled to fight. While he gave his side of the story to MMA Ring Report about a month ago, he has now issued an official press release to explain what happened.

Sapp says that he and K1 were negotiating a new contract up until moments before the fight, but K1 officials would not sign the deal. According to the press release, when he said he would not fight without an agreement in place, “Tanikawa, the promoter from Holland who is co-promoting this show came to Sapp’s dressing room with two men and basically told him that if he doesn’t fight, someone would get hurt or even wind up dead.”

K1, of course, also promotes the Heroes MMA promotion. When you combine this story with the news that Fuji TV dumped pride because of alleged Yakuza connections and the fact that the father of Frank and Lorezo Fertitta, the owners of the Zuffa and the UFC, was reportedly connected to the mafia in Las Vegas, you have to wonder whether there is any major MMA promotion that is not associated with thugs and criminals.

By the way, speaking of Pride, Fuji TV denied that Yakuza ties had anything to do with its cancelling its contract with DSE, Prides owner, although it would not explain what the “improper event” was that led to the network canceling PRIDE. tags: , , , , , , ,

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  1. Dr J said

    I know they aren’t considered a “major” promotion yet, but I think your friend Jeremey Lappen is a pretty clean, upstanding guy and will run a good organization. The same thing with Gareb Shemus and the IFL, not yet “major” but we’ll see how both promotions turn out.

  2. The original people who started and ran UFC – Rorion Gracie, Art Davie, and Bob Meyrowitz – are clean. So are the people who started and ran Battlecade Extreme Fighting – Penthouse and Donald Zuckerman. It was only later that this filth took over.

  3. Anonymous said

    Like I said before. PRIDE was planning to sell the Bushido series to Fox Sports without notifying Fuji TV. This was the primary reason why they decided to sever ties with them. Although the public scandal definately played a significant role no matter what they said.

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