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I have a solution – try signing some top fighters

According to Slam Sports, “UFC president Dana White recently admitted it’s getting tough to find good contenders for [Chuck] Liddell.”

As much as I would like to have sympathy for the UFC, it is hard to feel too bad since the UFC has concetrated its efforts on promoting low-priced Ultimate Fighter talent and putting together rematches rather than signing available championshiop level fighters such as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Missing out on Rampage was inexcusable. A marketable, American LHW contender, why would the UFC want one of those?

    The whole thing stinks of Liddell being protected.

  2. Anonymous said


    I had the same thought once I read Dana’s comment.

  3. A real sport would sign someone like Rampage for a rematch with Liddell. I have been saying for years that UFC is run like the fake pro “wrestling” and not a sport. Yes, the fights are real, but the booking is even far worse than boxing in preventing match-ups of the top fighters. HBO is showing four undefeated contenders Sat. night, and what does UFC have?

  4. Anonymous said

    The whole thing reaks of having the WFA build up Rampage in the US then putting him against Liddell after he beats Babulu and Ortiz. Actually a smart buisness move..

  5. It seems to me that Dana White showed his cards when he gave Royce to a one fight $1.6 Million deal to get pounded but Hughes when they could have signed Rampage to a long term contract for the same amount of money. Accually he probably could have signed a couple of A class fighters to the UFC. Dana wants to protect his invest (Chuck)far more than promote the best possible matchups. I really really hope that Pride makes it through this recent crisis, if not alot of the world top fighters could very well fall into abscurity since Dana is not willing to bring in the best.

  6. Remember that other groups like WFA and IFL seem to have deep pockets, at least for now.