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Boxing crossover

Jeremy Williams is a former title contender in boxing’s heavyweight division. You can officially use the “former” title because Williams has crossed over to become an MMA fighter. If Williams’s claims in the article are true, he is taking his MMA training very seriously.

There is a thought that has been running through my head [Just one?-ed Very funny.] that I briefly touched upon in my Fight Opinion Radio interview. Pundits talk about the death of boxing and the rise of MMA. But, boxing continues to have a much deeper talent pool and bigger purses at the highest levels. If boxing is dying, it is a slow death.

The way we will know when MMA has surpassed boxing is when top level boxers make the switch to MMA and the talent pool of top MMA fighters surpasses that of boxing.

Jeremy Williams may be past his prime, but I suspect that he is the first of a number of world class boxers who are going to try their hands at MMA.

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  1. Jeremy was knocked out cold by Samuel Peter in Dec. 2004. It was a scary knockout. Since then, he has stopped pro boxing. He is not going to find anyone who can hit nearly as hard as Peter in mma. Also, he was at best a fringe contender at his peak. I don’t know what grappling background he has, if any.

  2. Doublehead said

    Wasn’t Williams one of the trainers in the Contenders TV show last year?

    In regards to the post on 6/23/06…If my memory serves me correct (I could be wrong on this), I believe Williams did some sort of boxing exhibition workout at the Long Beach Fitness Expo that was part of the Long Beach Marathon in around 2000 or 2001.