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The WFA card is really shaping up nicely

The WFA has released the remainder of its July 22 card. The biggest news from the press release announcing the new fights is that ex-Chute Boxe fighter Jose Pele Landis will appear on the card.

I have to give the WFA credit for putting together a very high quality card for its comeback show. But whether that high quality card will translate into PPV buys remains to be seen. Reportedly, the Gracie Fighting Challenge did not have good luck with its PPV despite its use of the Gracie name and a Gracie fighter in the main event.

So why does the WFA think it will do better than the Gracie Fighting Challenge? I do not know yet. But, I am going to sit down tomorrow for an interview with its CEO Jeremy Lappen to find out.

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  1. Anonymous said


    Ask Lappen about Dana White’s recent comment that Quinton will be in the UFC soon. Dana made these comments on Scott Ferall’s Sirius radio show according to a poster on sherdog.