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Chuck Liddell honored

Eric wrote to let me know that Chuck Liddell was an honoree at Cedars-Sinai hospital’s 2006 Sports Spectacular, which is heralded as the world’s most prestigous sports awards dinner. Past honorees have included John Wooden, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Dimaggio and Rafer Johnson.

Eric was also kind enough to forward this picture of Liddell with marathoner Dave Kobrine, who reportedly thinks he can beat Liddell . . . in a foot race.

Liddell can take Kobrine in the octagon, but how about in a marathon?

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  1. Anonymous said

    7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and highly touted 4 x All American at Colorado Dathan Ritzenhein recently announced they are going to make their marathon debut at the New York Marathon. I’d like to see Chuck Liddell and this guy enter this race and see who would cross the finish line first.

    Ritz has been somewhat injury prone. If he is doing a marathon, he is going to try to go big with it. There would be a chance he wouldn’t make it to the line and get a dnf if he does run. Since I think he would go for something big, there is a chance of failure. He would be a risky pick. Ritz has by far has fastest predicted finish time, but he also has a lower probability of actually completing the course than the others.

    A competitive clydesdale runner who has run a few marathons would have the experience. He wouldn’t be that fast, but he could get it done. He’d be like the tortoise.

    Chuck Liddell is athletic enough to run a decent time. But would he know how to properly train? Would he be like many first time marathoners and go out too quickly and die and cramp up and have to walk a lot of the later miles? He’d be like the hare.

    Lance Armstong knows his body. He is an endurance athlete. If he isn’t too ambitious and really just wants to finish within an hour of the winners as he has stated, he’d be my pick if I were betting on it.