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Another reason the UFC screwed the MMA media?

After I posted an excerpt from a Dana White interview that gave some insight as to why Dana White and the UFC stopped issuing press passes to the MMA media, someone suggested that there might be another reason. Now, when the UFC stopped giving press passes to the MMA media I heard rumors that it was starting its own MMA news website and magazine, but not much after that. But, my source suggested that I check out Real Fighter Magazine.

I checked it out and found something very interesting. Real Fighter Magazine, Inc. has the same president as Xyience Incorporated (Russell Pike) and the companies share two other corporate officers. Xyience, as many readers will know, has a very close relationship with the UFC. It is one of the UFC’s and The Ultimate Fighter television show’s primary sponsors, and its sponsors many of the UFC’s top fighters. It has also long been whispered that Dana White and/or the UFC has an ownership interest in Xyience, although to my knowledge nothing has ever been confirmed.

So, did Dana White and the UFC stopped issuing press passes to the MMA media in order to funnel business their sponsors Xyience and Russell Pike? And, do Dana White or the other owners of the UFC have any financial interest in Xyience and Real Fighter Magazine? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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  1. Anonymous said

    really, who cares…this kind of thing happens all of the time. The UFC “screwed” the MMA media because for the most part there is no real professional MMA media. It is a bunch of embarrassing amateur hacks.

  2. Anonymous said

    that’s the beauty of america!! capitalism.

  3. If it smells like doo-doo, if you step in it and it messes up your shoes like doo-doo, and if it looks like doo-doo, what is it? Xyience, maybe?

  4. Anonymous said

    here’s the deal…
    russell pike and dana white are in bed together…
    pike pays white to protect xyience interest…

    however, pike has an illustrious background in white collar crime…

    did 60 months for money laundering, writing bad checks, theft and forgery.

    here is one article

  5. I have seen that article about Russel Pike, but have not confirmed if it’s the same Russel Pike from Zyience.

    As for Russel Pike and Dana White being “in bed” together, there is no doubt their companies have a close relationship. Zyience is dumping a fortune into promoting UFC fighters (and even UFC round card girls).

    My real question is whether Dana or Zuffa have a financial interest in Zyience or Real Fighter Magazine. In my mind, that question remains unanswered.

  6. Anonymous said

    basic media or franklin publishing pitched dana white the deal for real fighter…initially it was going to be a ufc rag with many sponsors etc., but then dana white seemed to want it to be connected to his buddy Russel Pike & allow xyience to be the only supplement sponsor…not too surprising since franklin publishing is the same firm that published GNC’s Physical and Let’s Live magazines and they specialize in printed media targeted to sell supplements……anyway Pike and White must approve all copy in this rag and no xyience competitors can advertise…
    my thoughts are that Dana is using Pike to fill his pockets, get him laid on the side (white brags about it or at least the help at xyience no this to be a fact) and Pike could care less cus he is using his investors money, and ring girls to do it…

    souces say they’ve raised over $$50MM to fund all the spike tv media and other sponsorships, and they’re still cash poor…

    btw, make no mistake this Pike is same Pike who went to club fed-and this has been verified by several sources in las vegas…xyience also owes several vendors cash and is being observed by a few three letter agencies….stay tuned…when this unwinds it could splash scandal on ufc’s owners…

  7. Anonymous said

    by the way the ufc connection to real fighter and xyience is through dana white and is not on paper….the paper trail is xyience & ufc and xyience & real fighter…white is the bagman$$…

  8. Just remember that the crooks in Pride and K-1 thought that they would never get caught, and they did, even in Japan. How long till this explodes in the USA? And I agree that much of the so-called “mma media” are farther away from being real journalists than Hulk Hogan is from being a real wrestler.