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Real Fighter Magazine and Xyience – why the secrecy?

Check out this post by the editor of Real Fighter Magaine from’s Underground Forum:

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SitnSpin, Real Fighter is not owned by Zuffa or Xyience, although the latter has been very supportive.

Pasta, yes, that is me. Believe me, I became an editor because I knew I should never be photographed for a magzine.

Hmmm, that’s odd.

Just less than three weeks ago I did a little digging and discovered that Real Fighter Magazine and Xyience share the same president (Russell Pike) and two other corporate officers. Plus, all the corporate officers of the two companies are listed at the same address.

So was it accurate to say that Real Fighter Magazine is not owned by Xyience? Well, in a technical sense they appear to have separate corporate structures. But, that does not answer the question whether they are owned by the same people. Based on their official corporate records, Xyience and Real Fighter Magazine are almost certainly owned by some of the same people.

The thing I want to know is why all the secrecy?

It seems to me there should be no reason for Zyience and Real Fighter Magazine to be less than forthcoming their connections. In my experience, when people are secretive about things they should not normally be secretive about it is because they have something to hide.


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