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Competition, finally?

Elite XC has announced that it is working on a new MMA reality show with Mark Burnett, the producer of Survivor, The Apprentice, The Contender and several other shows.

While a few other blogs have already commented on the story, a little noticed statement from the press release caught my eye:

Burnett, a former British commando, is said to be fascinated with martial arts and the martial arts culture. He previously took a stab at developing a martial arts reality series in 2002.

Diligent readers will be familiar with the story behind that show from the exclusive interview with (then) WFA President Jeremy Lappen. In that interview Lappen discussed the fact that he and Burnett were close to launching an MMA reality show when the UFC landed it’s deal for the Ultimate Fighter. Lappen is now with Elite XC, and it may be no coincident that Elite XC revived the idea of a reality with Burnett. (Lappen, as you may recall, also had the WFA on the verge of announcing a deal with Showtime before the promotion imploded, and both he and that deal ended up at Elite XC).

While there is no guaranty another MMA reality show will be successful (think Bodog), Burnett’s power and track record put Elite XC on the path to become the serious competitor to the UFC that mixed martial arts sorely needs. tags: , , , ,

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