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Dana White's take on the Pride acquisition

When the UFC announced the acquisition of Pride, it looked like the deal was going to be an enormously important. Pride had the world’s top roster of fighters, but had been suffering financially ever since it lost its television contract after stories in the Japanese press linked it to the Yakuza. The UFC’s purchase was supposed to revive the promotion and reward fans by matching the top fighters from both promotions against each other.

Since the first announcement however, things seem to have fizzled. It turned out that fighter contracts were not assignable (and the UFC has been forced to try to sign Pride fighters one-by-one), and the UFC canceled all scheduled Pride shows. In fact it looks like that rather than the UFC reviving Pride promotion, it will let Pride whither and die.

Want further evidence? Check out this quote from Dana White’s Entrepeneur Magazine interview:

That WEC deal will be way bigger than the Pride [a premier fight promotion company in Japan] deal, believe it or not.

The way things are going, I believe you Dana. I believe you.

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