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Which promotion got a deal with NBC?

Unless there’s a mistake in this AP report, it looks like NBC is going to offer “extreme fighting” shows for download on iTunes:

NBC makes itself heard with iTunes programming

Associated Press

NEW YORK – NBC is the first broadcast news organization to offer news programming for sale for viewing on computers and iPods through Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes service.

A variety of current, archival and specially produced material will be available for $1.99 a download through the iTunes store.

“We’re leading a trend to put our work and our journalism everywhere our viewers and users want it to be,” said Mark Lukasiewicz, NBC News vice president for digital media.

. . .

NBC is also making programming like Tattoos: Skin Deep, Cops Caught on Tape and Extreme Fighting. Lukasiewicz said NBC News won’t be tempted to devote more time to marginally news-oriented programming because it sells well on iTunes.

Since when have MMA promotions been able to keep quiet about deals like this? Did I miss something?

Update 5/30: clintpac1 from the Underground Forum did some digging, and he thinks NBC might just be planning to offer MSNBC Investigates: Extreme Fighting, a 2001 news documentary. Well, on the bright side, the fact that NBC and iTunes feature “extreme fighting” in their press release shows that they think MMA is something their viewers want to see.

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2 Responses

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  1. JOAT said

    The words are in italics which leads me to believe that the show’s title is actually called “Extreme Fighting.”

    MMA is a hot commidity right now and it seems like everyone is trying to get in on it. Maybe NBC has decided to revive the old Battlecade Extreme Fighting production.

    Hell all they would have to do is just sign a bunch of no-name fighters and call it a brand new league. The average fan isn’t really going to know the difference.

    Who knows maybe John Perretti is going to make a comeback to MMA.

  2. Jeff said

    Actually, I put those words in bold so that readers would spot them more easily.

    A John Perretti comeback would be unbelievable!