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Pride's alleged Yakuza connections bring to mind former president's 'suicide'

According to Zach Arnold on, Fuju T.V. is considering killing its T.V. deal with Pride because of a series of articles that allege DSE, the company that runs Pride, is controlled by the Yakuza:

As noted yesterday on the message board, Shukan Gendai came out with a page article in this week’s magazine, proclaiming that their campaign against DSE for being an alleged yakuza group is showing some effects. They claim that the TV deal between DSE/PRIDE & Fuji TV is up in September, and that it is providing Fuji TV with a chance to back out of the situation.

MMA attracts a great group of promoters, doesn’t it?

All this brings to mind the ‘suicide’ of former Pride president Naoto Morishita in January, 2003. If you remember from that time, Morishita gave a very positive press conference and then promptly went to his room and (according to the official story) killed himself. There were doubts about DSE’s explanation that women troubles led to a suicide, and speculation that foul play was involved since Morishita left no suicide note. This all led to questions about the mysterious “men who quietly hide in the shadows and control the promotion.”

Well, now it looks like we know who those men might be, and we have another reason to wonder about the ‘suicide.’

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