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Couture eyes comeback, UFC 60 ticket sales are slow & TUF to go international is reporting that the UFC has has approached sanctioning bodies in Quebec and Alberta Canada about putting on a show. That’s all well and good.

But, the interesting news is found in these short notes they include in the article:

-Former champion Randy Couture, who retired at 42 after being knocked out by Liddell at UFC 57: Liddell vs. Couture 3 in February, is thinking about a comeback.

I hope Couture stays retired. He has always showed such talent and class I’d hate to see him deteriorate any further in the cage.

-Tickets for UFC 60 in Los Angeles have not gone as fast as UFC 59 in Anaheim. White said the event’s timing – the Memorial Day holiday weekend – and the size of the venue are factors, adding it probably would have made more sense given the date to hold it in Vegas. “It’s going well for us. It’s not as big as we thought it was going to be, but we’re not disappointed with ticket sales at all.”

As for the slow ticket sales, I think Dana White ‘forgot’ to mention a major factor – ticket price. According Ticket Master, prices start at $200 and go up to $1000. As a Los Angeleno and someone who has driven 3-4 hours to watch small (sometimes crappy) shows, I should be the natural market for the first major card in L.A. (especially with Royce Gracie headlining). But at these prices, I am staying home.

Oh, and Dana White’s not disappointed with ticket sales that are not as ‘big’ as he thought they would be? Yeah, right.

-The UFC plans Ultimate Fighter reality TV spinoff shows in the United Kingdom and Mexico for next year with others hoped for South Africa and elsewhere. There will not be a Canadian spinoff show for the time being, since Canadian fighters will continue to be part of the U.S. version.

I am skeptical about international Ultimate Fghter shows, to put it mildly. The UFC cannot find enough half-way decent fighters for its shows as it is. What 16 up and comers are they going to find in South Africa?

Update 5/23: Yes, there were also $50 and $100 seats to UFC 60 that sold out. But based on where those seats were located, I wasn’t interested in them either.

Update 5/26: Couture has now denied he has plans to fight again. Does that mean that Dana White was trolling Just asking . . .

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