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Dana White explains why the UFC screwed the MMA media

Finally, Dana White makes a statement that may explain why he stopped giving press credentials to anyone from the MMA media:

“We are pulling in the numbers,” White said. “The male 18-34 demographic that all newspapers are trying to get to read their papers. Our Web site is a real machine for us. We get a lot of hits. They can’t go anywhere else to read it. So they come to us. More mainstream newspapers are coming to us to cover us like they would do boxing. They are noticing a difference in readership because of the UFC.”

So, it looks like White figures that by banning the MMA media and offering exclusive content, he can drive up traffic to the UFC website. White then hopes to use those numbers to prove to the mainstream media that the UFC is popular with their target demographic, and thereby convince them to cover the UFC. Meanwhile, he does not seem to care about the people and websites who helped keep the UFC afloat when it was down.

Even though there is a certain logic to this plan, it is a poor logic. It seems to be based on the misconception that the MMA media “steals” traffic from the UFC. The opposite is true. The MMA media generates traffic and interest in the UFC. Anyone with a basic understanding of the Internet would know this. But, then again, White is not known for understanding much of anything.

Of course, one thing White is known for is his arrogance, and he comes through on that front again. It seems he also believes that he is smarter than the NFL, and can outmarket them:

“We’re very lucky. I think of the NFL and what a monster it is over here. There is nothing bigger than the NFL (in America). But they have not figured out how to get into other countries. I don’t care what color, race or culture you are. One thing that crosses over is fighting. Everybody understands fighting. We can make the move to other countries that other sports like NFL have not been able to do.”

Of course, other countries are perfectly capable of starting their own fight promotions, and do not need the UFC since fighting ‘crosses over.’ Dana appears to count on the fact that the UFC brand is bigger than the sport of MMA. I think he’s wrong, and hopefully the IFL, WFA or some other promotion will prove me right.

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  1. Paul said

    I am not suprised. Great article!