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The decline of Evan Tanner

Either Evan Tanner is going through some rough times, or this is one of the best trolls ever. Sadly, I think it’s the real deal.

Tanner’s been documenting a downward spiral in his MySpace blog. Today, he let us in on the fact that he has a woman problem:

I saw her.

I have not taken a shower, shaved, or changed clothes in five days. How long can a man be sad? There are so many stories to tell, but I have to go with the words that move me. The stories take on a life of their own.

I don’t know where I go from here. I was doing commentary on one of my old fights when I was in Vegas. It was a fight I had never watched. It was brutal. I remember suffering in that fight, but that is no what moved me. They showed the audience. I saw a woman. I thought wow, how beautiful. Who is she, and then it hit me. It was her. I was on camera, I was on tape, and I had to stop and stand up in the middle of everything. I walked off pulling my hair and holding my head. I didn’t know seeing her again would hurt me so badly.

. . .

Losing reference with time.I drink until I sleep. Morning, afternoon, night. When I get tired. I sleep when I sleep. I eat when I eat. There are no rules. I do as I wish.

No harm wished to anyone else though.

I am single again. Would be nice to meet a good woman. She will have to be amazing to get my attention though.To make me want to live right. I know I could be the most amazing father. I could be the most amazing husband and lover.

There’s something particularly sad an athlete and former UFC champion make his painful struggles so public. I wish Tanner the best.

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