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You develop an eye for these things

Can you spot what’s not exactly right about this article?

Boxing in old UFC style
Champion to get a US$ 5 million prize

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman is promoting a back in time boxing event in Melbourne, Australia. The idea is to put eight heavyweights to fight in old UFC style. The competition has already seven fighters signed: O’Neil Bell, Shannon Briggs, Chris Byrd, Alexander Dimitrenko, Steve Cunningham, Tye Fields and Samuel Peter.

Foreman’s event will be on pay-per-view to the USA and should pay the amount of US$ s million to its champion, what is being considered a surprisingly high prize to MMA standards. It is also expected an American version of the event to take place in New York, but this time with lightweight fighters.

A second “old UFC style” show in New York? Where even “modern” MMA is illegal? I think something’s not quite right here.

But, hey, if George Foreman is going to bring a $5 million purse to MMA, more power to him.

Update 5/25: Apparently “old UFC style” means a single-day boxing tournament, not old-school NHB fights. Oh well.

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