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Serves him right

Mike Kyle recently surpassed Bob “Dirty Bob” Schrijber as the dirtiest fighter in MMA history, and the California Athletic Commission has rewarded Kyle for his “accomplishment” by suspending him indeifnitely. The suspension arises from Kyle’s last fight in which he illegally kneed Brian Olsen in the head while Olson was on the ground – and then continued to pound on the helpless Olson until a second referee entered the ring to help physically stop Kyle.

What makes this suspension unusual is that Kyle was fighting in a WEC show at a Native-American run casino, and the fight was not sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission. But, the commission (which had a representative present at the show) was so appalled by Kyle’s behavior that it suspended him anyway.

The suspension should mean that Kyle will be unable to fight in any show regulated by a state athletic commission (since they usually honor suspensions from other states), and may mean the effective end of Kyle’s MMA career.

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