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Attention Chuck Williams aka heelhook74

Thanks for the e-mail:

maybe if you actually returned emails and kept in contact with people instead of being a weenie and trolling my threads on the OG you could have got your guys paid by now. I know if I was their managers, they would have had their money months ago, but you are obviously more interested in trolling than collecting. I’m sure they’ll catch up to me at some point. But until then enjoy, because you dont return emails and are unwilling to talk, that is why your fighters haven’t been paid.

I might even file for bankruptcy.

Your passing bad checks has nothing to do with e-mails.

Your not making good on the bad checks has nothing to do with e-mails.

Your stealing money from fighters has nothing to do with e-mails.

Your ex-partner e-mailed me, however. Remember when you wrote that he was trying to get in touch because he wanted to bail you out of your problems? lol. He had quite a different message for me.

I hope the police finally catch up to you.


The original message I posted on several forums in September:

I think it’s time that the forum learns the truth about Chuck Williams aka heelhook74 and his business practices. Many of you are aware of the way he treated CharlesFFA/AFA at the grappling tournament Chuck promoted in June. Many of you are also aware of the crap pulled with the decision in Wander Braga’s grappling match at the same tournament (changing the decision several times, telling both fighters they won, etc.).

But, what has never been publicly discussed is the fact that Chuck wrote bad checks to both Wander Braga and George Pereira, and that he still has not made good on them. Chuck continues to owe Wander and George the money they earned for their super fights and Wander the money he earned by giving a seminar the next day.

BTW, Chuck didn’t just write bad checks, he wrote the checks on a closed account. When the checks bounced, he claimed that he accidentally had grabbed the wrong checkbook, and he would send new checks on a good account right away. Several weeks passed – no check.

Then, Chuck claimed that he was having a sale at his clothing company, Finisher Fightwear, to raise the money to pay the checks (which was funny, because he had never said he didn’t have the money, only that he accidentally wrote the checks on the wrong account). Several weeks later, still no check.

Chuck finally got in touch with me (since I’m Wander’s manager) after Wander turned his bad check over to the local District Attorney to collect. The District Attorney apparently made some kind of contact with Chuck, and suddenly Chuck became interested in contacting Wander about paying the money he owes.

But, of course, he didn’t offer to actually send the money he owes. He asked that Wander drop the matter with the D.A. in exchange for Wander’s being paid over an 8-week period. The only problem was that if Wander gave up on having the District Attorney collect on the bad check, and then Chuck didn’t actually pay, Wander would have to fly from L.A. to Texas to file a lawsuit against Chuck. As it stands now, the District Attorney (who has a lot more pull than Wander) is doing the work for Wander.

When I told Chuck that Wander wanted all the money in one payment, or some kind of insurance that Chuck would pay (since Chuck has continuously misled Wander for the last 3 months), that was the end of the conversation.

Chuck still has not made good on the bad checks he wrote 3 months ago.

If you don’t know, now you know.

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