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Debi Purcell making news

There is only one female fighter I know who can make news just by not fighting for a while – Debi Purcell, whom I have the good fortune to manage. I say good fortune because most observers agree she is the top 135 lb. female fighter in the world. Combine that with her knock-out looks and charisma, and you can see why she has become the poster girl for women MMA fighters.

ADCC has a great new interview with Debi in which she breaks down the women’s fighting scene, and lets the world know that she is getting close to making her return to the cage.

But, perhaps best of all, ADCC tracked down a link to her fight hillight video. Watch it and I think you’ll understand why I consider her the only girl I know tough enough to sport a “Hooray for me – FUCK YOU” tattoo.

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