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How silly is this?

“As The Fight World Turns” (continued) . . .

Tatame is confirming earlier reports that several team members have left the Chute Box team:

Rudimar Fedrigo confirms fighters out

Very sorry about all the last incidents, the Chute Boxe leader Rudimar Fedrigo confirms that the Pride fighters Assuério Silva and Anderson Silva are out of his team. According to their contract, they will have to give their Muay Thai black degree back in front of their former teammates. “They signed a contract and will have to give their black degree back. I face it as a normal depuration process that happens in any team. I’m very sorry about everything, but now the case is closed”, ends Rudimar, that promises to reinforce his team, that has the Pride’s superchampion Wanderlei Silva and the stars Murilo Ninja and Mauricio Shogun.

The fighters have to give back their black degrees? In a ceremony in front of all their former teammates? Even the Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid movie were not this ridiculous.

Like I said before, with all this stupid drama the fight scene is becoming just another big soap opera.

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