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Royce vs. Yoshida, part II?

I first saw a report about a possible Royce Gracie have vs. Hidehiko Yoshida rematch at Fightsport 24-7 (which followed up on its initial report here). Now, Kid Peligro is reporting the same thing.

As you may recall, their first match ended very controversially. Gracie had insisted upon a rule that the fight could only be stopped by tap out, a corner throwing in the towel, or if one of the fighters was unconscious. For some reason, the referee decided to ignore the rules and, he prematurely stopped the first match when Yoshida began attempting to choke Gracie. To add insult to injury, Pride refused to change the result to a no-contest despite the referee’s mistake.

Up until that point it was an interesting match. Gracie pulled guard and had Yoshida in some moderate trouble with a foot lock. Yoshida escaped and proceeded to nearly mount Gracie and apply the infamous choke.

Debate has raged as to whether the match should have been stopped, if Gracie could have escaped the choke, who was the better fighter, etc. The debate has been especially bitter between the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo camps, as each group has tried to argue that its form of grappling is the best.

The public interest is there. It looks like the money is there. Now, I cannot wait to see if the fighters get there to settle this once and for all.

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