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Viva Venezuela!

If Luke Beston is half Brazilian by marriage, then I must be half Venezuelan. So, it is with great pride I bring you the results from the 8th Venezuelan Grappling Championships:

8th Venezuelan Grappling Championships

The ‘8th Venezuelan Grappling Championship’ was held this past Saturday, November 8th. With the presence of several Brazilian Instructors such as Andrezinho, Roan ‘Jucao’ Carneiro, etc….and also with several Sambo World Champions, and also members of the National Wrestling team, but the winner team was the Alliance team under professor Francisco Salvador.

Team results were:

1st Place: Alliance

2nd Place: Barra Gracie

3rd. Place: JK Team

4th. Place: Sambo National Team

When I visited Venezuela around 2 years ago, I did not see any Brazilian jiu jitsu schools. I did not even get any comments when I wore my Rey Diogo/Carlson Gracie Team shirt around Caracas. So, finding out that they had their 8th championship was a pleasant surprise.

Hopefully (and to my wife’s great dismay, I’m sure) this will mean that I will be able to find somewhere to train next time I visit.

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