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Chuck will finally get his shot….

Dana White has announced that Chuck Liddell will fight Tito Ortiz in UFC 47 scheduled in March. The two will be fighting at their regular weight class of light heavyweight, and there will be no title involved. The fight for which many have been waiting is finally here.

For over a year, Ortiz had been ducking this fight, citing excuse after excuse as to why the two had not met in the octagon. One of his favorite reasons was in regard to compensation. Ortiz felt that the UFC was not paying him enough for the bout. Because of this excuse and many others, there came a point in the UFC when Tito could barely show his face. This subsided, however, as people heard that Ortiz had agreed to fight Couture after Couture’s win over Liddell. But, soon after Ortiz’ loss at the hands of Couture, the fans again grew hungry to see the Liddell fight. And as this happened, Tito stayed true to form: he tried to duck Liddell, again. After his loss to Couture, when the fight between Liddell and he was inevitable, Tito attempted to get a rematch against Couture rather than fight Liddell. Ortiz, it seemed, did not want any piece of Liddell.

So, what has changed his tune? Well, Tito has no other large payday in front of him, so he has to fight Liddell. Ortiz has just come off of a beating at the hands of Couture, and his skills have been called into question by many. Accordingly, the only fight that people really care to see him in is the fight between Liddell and he. Thus, he must fight because there is no big money for him elsewhere.

Hopefully, this matchup will happen and meet up to the fans expectations. Both fighters are coming off of some hard losses, which could translate into desperation in the octagon. If this occurs, this could be one of the great fights in UFC history. Again, though, I say,” If this occurs.”

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