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Latest soap opera news . . . Chute Box expands and breaks up

Success is a funny thing. Too much success can lead to problems just as easily as failure can do the same.

Take Chute Box for example. The fight team has been highly successful. The team is certainly making more money today than ever, and its fighters are at the top of the food chain in MMA. One of its fighters, Vanderlei Silva, just won the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix – the biggest tournament in the history of the sport. The team is even going to expand by opening an affiliate in Japan, which is supposed to be quickly followed by an affilite in the U.S.

Things could not be better, right? Think again.

Reports are out that the team is splitting up, and Anderson Silva, Assuerio Silva, Silvio ‘Urutum’ and “several others” are going to form their own fight team.

We have seen this with the top fight teams before. Most of Carlson Gracie’s team left and formed the Brazilian Top Team, some Top Team members left to join Wallid Ismael’s Brasil Dojo, Frank Shamrock left the Lion’s Den when it was at the top of the sport, etc.

Of course, we have also seen this when teams are having more moderate success, such as when Babalu left Ruas Vale Tudo to join Gracie Barra, or when Bao Quach left Next Generation to join Team Oyama.

So what does this teach us? Not much, other than human relationships are frail – especially when money is involved.

Maybe the fact that us MMA fans are interesed in these kinds of things also goes to show we love a good soap opera as much as the housewife who stays at home and watches T.V. We just pretend it is something different because our soap opera involves real people and real fights. But, if you think about it, there is not much difference in being caught up in the drama of “Days of Our Lives” and “As The Fight Team Turns.”

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