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Miletich named one of thirteen national self defense instructors

Do you ever wonder what Pat Miletich does when he’s not fighting or training MMA fighters? Now we know. He helps keep America safe from terrorism:

BETTENDORF-Scott County deputies and law enforcement officers around the country may soon turn to a local world champion for help in dealing with dangerous suspects.

Former ultimate fighting welterweight champion Pat Miletich is helping to develop hand-to-hand combat procedures for law enforcement officers.

Miletich will help teach officers takedowns, working with a partner, what to do if the suspect has a knife defense and how to escape if you’re on the ground.

Miletich will become one of thirteen national instructors in january.

The program is paid for by directors of the U-S Homeland Security Department.

Good luck Pat, and keep up the good work (with your team and with your new project).

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