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CBS Sportsline writer wins his MMA match

Talk about “getting it.” CBS Sportsline writer Jay Glazer crossed the line from sports reporter to participant. He won his fight in Mass Destruction on November 1st, and then gave the sports props at the end of his latest football article:

Fight night update

For those of you mixed martial arts fans who have e-mailed me regarding my hobby, I had another fight on Nov. 1 on promoter Kipp Kollar’s card at the extremely impressive Atlantic City Boardwalk Convention Center and am proud to say that I won by tap-out in the second round.

I took a lot of grief after my first showing but got back in there and submitted a very, very game opponent with repeated knee and fist strikes.

I know I cover football, but there is no better sport and no better conditioned or prepared athlete than those in mixed martial arts/no holds barred fighting. Congratulations to everyone who fought that night on an excellent card. I’ll let you all know when the next fight is, and I appreciate the support of those who have e-mailed me about this up-and-coming sport.

Every fan of the square circle needs to check out the Octagon, a much, much better sport that provides more excitement in one round than most boxing matches provide in an entire night.

Now, if Glazer can just convince his editors at CBS to start covering MMA . . .

Regular coverage from network sports departments may sound far fetched today, but there’s no harm wishing. (There is even less harm in leaving Glazer a message and letting him know that you appreciate his support for the sport.)

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