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Hey, they just wanted a drink. Is that so wrong?

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

Prisoners sneak out to the pub

Three prisoners have been disciplined after visiting a pub and then sneaking back into their jail with alcohol.

They are being held at Hollesley Bay open prison in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

The three inmates were spotted in a pub on October 27 by a local resident and police were informed.

The Prison Service spokesman said the men had returned to the prison on their own and were disciplined when they arrived back.

The only thing that would make this story better was if they brought a woman back with them. Can you imagine the scene:

Prison guard: What’s that woman doing in your cell?

Inmate: Woman? What woman? Ohhhhh. Thaaat woman. Well, I got a little drunk at the pub last night and the beer goggles kicked in . . .

Speaking of men and women in jail cells. If you were the man who was locked up for 8 months in a women’s prison would you have said anything?

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