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Boxing Insider has a post-fight interview with Tito Ortiz: In your own words what went wrong against Randy Couture last week at UFC 44: Undisputed

Tito Ortiz: Ummm God. It seemed like it was going good up until the first round. I mean . . . I walked out [and] everything felt normal. I felt a little hungry. I didn’t eat that much that day – not as much as usual – I think just because of my nerves, how a big a fight it was and everything. And of course, I [was] fighting Randy Couture.

As the first round was [beginning], he took me down once or twice and it really didn’t phase me that much. Nothing was really that hard. No blows really hurt me that bad, and it just seemed that as the rounds went on my body got more and more fatigued. Randy just stuck to his game plan and he was really strong throughout each and every round. It was just a factor that it wasn’t my night. I believe in the months prior to that [fight] I injured myself – I had a herniated disc in my back and it was just hurting a bunch because I couldn’t wrestle as much as I should have.

And fighting against Randy Couture that was his game plan to out wrestle me and he did. His game plan . . . was cross the “Ts” and dot the “Is.” Everything he did, he did so perfectly. So I have to take my hat off to the man. He fought and awesome fight, but I guarantee you in the rematch it will not be like that at all.

So, when asked what cost him the title, the first reason Tito comes up with is hunger pangs? Given the one-sidedness of Randy’s victory, why do you think you deserve a rematch?

Tito Ortiz: [I deserve a rematch] because I have been champion for three and half years. In my mind I have done a lot for this sport – for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to make it in the mainstream. I’ve been doing a lot of work . . . Over this last fight I have been doing even more work for it and I just think I did the right. I mean he never really hurt me in any positions at all. It was kind of like he held me down. He out wrestled me by holding me down. And I just think of the long time that I have held this belt as long as I have. No one else in UFC history has ever held a belt for 4 title defenses, and I was on my fifth title defense. I came up short, but I think as the champion that I am . . . I will come back in my next fight.

I say no rematch until he faces Chuck Liddell. Tito’s ducked Chuck for long enough.

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