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FRANK SHAMROCK IS STILL PISSED AT THE UFC: He has continued his running verbal battle with the UFC’s management in his latest interview on Shamrock went so far as to claim that he would not fight in the UFC for a million dollars.

But, I would not be so fast to rule out the possibility of Shamrock fighting in the UFC again. My experience has been that a person’s tune changes when opportunities are offered. I would bet that if the UFC approached Shamrock respectfully and humbly, and made him a good offer, he would agree to fight for them again.

The two big questions that will determine whether Shamrock returns to the UFC are 1) What other promotions will offer Shamrock enough money to make him interested in fighting for them? and 2) How badly does the UFC need a fighter of Shamrock’s charisma and talent to draw interest from a mainstream audience?

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