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YVES EDWARDS’S OPPNENT may be Rich Clementi. At least that is what Garret, one of the co-owners of, is reporting. I am glad that Edwards will not lose his chance to fight in the UFC since he had the guts to accept a fight against Genki Sudo on short notice.

Speaking of Sudo . . . debate continues to rage about the nature of the “injury” that left him unable to compete in the UFC, but healthy enough to fight n K-1. Here is a free tip from me to fighters’ spokespeople – be honest about why fighters will or will not fight. It will give you a lot less grief in the long run.

Finally, Garret also reports that Clementi had to back out of a fight against Dave Gardner in FFC 4 in order to fight in the UFC. So, the seemingly endless cycle of fighters dropping in and out of fights leading up to UFC 41 just keeps on rolling.

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