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THE TRUTH ABOUT GENKI SUDO: Well . . . well . . . well. It looks like Genki Sudo did not pull out of Feb. 28th’s UFC show because of an injury after all. Dragonhead from the Underground has translated the news reports from the Japanese press conference announcing the K-1 World Max show on March 1st. Guess what? Genki Sudo is fighting.

As you may recall, on January 20th the news broke that Sudo’s opponent, Josh Thompson, had to pull out of their fight due to an injury. Thompson was quickly replaced by Yves Edwards. Four days later, it was reported that Sudo had to pull out of the UFC due to an injury.

But now, Sudo is apparently healthy enough to fight in K-1 just 1 day after the day he was supposedly too injured to fight in the UFC. It seems pretty clear that Sudo was never injured, but rather that he decided to jump ship to K-1.

You never know what kind of agreements went on behind the scene, or whether the UFC was agreed to Sudo’s dropping out to fight in K-1 (where, if he wins the tournament, he will make $50,000). But, I can tell you this. As a fan I am pissed off and disappointed that we were fed an apparent lie about Sudo’s injury when in fact he chose to back out of the UFC to fight in K-1.

One final thought . . . why did Sudo’s people bother telling people he was injured since everybody was going to know that was not the truth once K-1 announced that he is fighting. Things that make you go hmmmm.

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