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Why not sooner?

Nick Lembo, Deputy Attorney General of New Jersey and counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, emails in response to a question raised on the September 21 Fight Opinoin Radio show about why the Athletic Commission did not begin correcting the Zuffa Myth sooner:

The only thing was the speculation as to why we did this recently (as opposed to sooner). To answer that specifically –

I don’t read promoters’ press materials and at the time it was covered
correctly by sites like Full Contact Fighter.

It was actually you [] and Ivan T [Ivan Trembow] that brought the issue to me by covering it on your web sites. At first, it was like well maybe it’s a couple of articles, but you and Ivan kept disclosing how many articles it truly was, and now in the national mainstream media.

Also, there are a lot of new fans, from TUF for example, who weren’t
around when this first started and don’t know any better. It’s nothing personal, but the facts are the facts and we are proud of our role in MMA. So you guys deserve the credit for bringing it to my attention or else I still might not have known about it since the comments weren’t seen by me in any Jersey newspapers that I read. tags: , , ,

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