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While I was out . . . the Zuffa Myth rolled on

During the site’s month-long hiatus, a few things happened on the Zuffa Myth front.

First, Ivan Trembow contacted Nick Lembow, Deputy Attorney General of New Jersey and Counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, who has repeatedly sent corrections to news sources that repeat the Zuffa Myth. Trembow asked Lembo about his sending corrections, and the fact that the Miami Herald continued to print the Zuffa Myth even after it acknowledged receiving Lembo’s correction. Following is Lembo’s response (which Lembo cc’d to me):

I did read the article that you were referencing in theMiami Herald. It seems that the reporter, Mr. Emanuel, Jr. chose to ignore my e-mail to him placing the topic in the correct historical perspective. This, even though he responded to my e-mail alerting him of the facts prior to writing his second article on the same subjects.

As far as your suggestion that I write Mr. Dana White directly (re: my email to various reporters), it is not necessary. My initial response to the reporters was also forwarded, by me, to a UFC official. I have been contacted by two individuals with top positions in the UFC to discuss my reply to these articles. Both individuals were very aware and knowledgeable about my emails to various media on the subject. Neither individual in the UFC disagreed with one scintilla of the factual history which I had detailed. They claimed that Dana was misquoted, that the writers chose not to write other details involving New Jersey that Dana gave them and that Dana was just “being a promoter.”

I have absolutely nothing against Dana White or the UFC. In fact, I hardly know Dana White. I rarely, if ever, dealt with him during the UFC’s New Jersey shows. I think the UFC has done great things for the mixed martial arts fan and the sport of mixed martial arts in the United States. Therefore, I am at a complete loss as to why Dana has chosen to continue to ignore the true history of this great sport. He seems to be unwilling, for whatever reason, to accept the truth and instead chooses to continue to repeatedly make false claims about the origins of Zuffa and the history of mixed martial arts in the United States.

Nick Lembo
Deputy Attorney General, State of New Jersey
State Athletic Control Board Counsel

This remarkable response only serves as further proof that the UFC is engaged in a deliberate campaign to misinform the press and the public about its history (and the history of MMA).

Lembo’s reply jibes with what other MMA reporters told me – namely that they pointed out the factual errors in the UFC press kit to UFC officials on numerous occasions, and those officials responded with a sheepish grin and a promise to correct the information. Of course it was an empty promise, and the reporters never saw a corrected UFC press kit.

It really is a shame the UFC resorts to lying to the press when it has such a good, true story to tell. Ultimately, this reflects poorly on the UFC managment.

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Also, while I was out . . . Ring Talk Radio interviewed Larry Hazzard, the head of the New Jersey Athletic Commission. Hazard set the record straight on Dana White and the UFC. tags: , , , ,

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