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BEWARE OF PETER KLAMKA – FIGHTERS ALLEGEDLY RIPPED OFF BY THIS PROMOTER: According to Dan Rose’s article on Sherdog, Peter Klamka, the promoter of the Revolution Fighting Championships has failed to pay fighters for expenses he promised to cover. This should serve as fair warning to all fighters and managers, be careful about doing business with Peter Klamka until ths mess is straightened out.

UPDATE: Dan Rose has written this follow up to his article about Klamka:

Lastly, I want to take this time to say something about my last article. I wrote some very unkind things about the promoters of Revolution Fighting Championship and some of it was out of line. I spoke with Peter Klamka and Nick Marentette extensively and some of the things I said weren’t accurate. I apologize for those statements. However, I did present what others said in a straight forward manner and I cannot apologize for their words or feelings.

So, what does this mean? Rose made it clear that some things he wrote in the article were wrong. Strangely, he does not explain what those things are. Rose’s follow up also seems to emphasize that he accurately quoted the fighters and managers who claim that Klamka owes them money for expenses.

I was contacted by Klamka because he was unhappy with my post linking to Rose’s article. I offered to print any response he had. So far, he has declined my offer, and his side of the story remains a mystery to me.

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