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UFC “NAILS” IT: I just got finished watching the UFC on the Best Damn Sports Show, and I give the UFC a big thumbs up.

– The choice to feature Robbie Lawler was nearly perfect (see below) – he’s an aggressive fighter with incredible power. By using him, the UFC was practically guaranteed an exciting fight.

– Of course, major props go out to both Robbie Lawler and Steve Berger for their performances. I think that their fight will peak the interest of casual viewers.

– Fox and the UFC did a good job of explaining the rules so that viewers would understand how the UFC works.

– Joe Rogan did an amazing job selling the sport and explaining what it is about MMA that makes fans so passionate.

– The UFC made sure that Leann Tweeden was educated about MMA and could speak intelligently about it to the viewers.

– Fox hyped the fights nicely, and we did not see any of the BDSP hosts bash the sport based on ignorant misconceptions.

IF THERE WAS ONE THING I WOULD CHANGE ABOUT THE SHOW, IT IS THIS: I would have included some ground fighting. Takedowns, grappling and submissions are what make MMA unique and more exciting than boxing and kick boxing. It would be nice if fans could have seen submission attempts, or better yet, an actual submission. While Lawler is an excellent wrestler, he likes to stay on his feet. That is why the choice to use him was only “nearly perfect” and not “totally perfect.”

SO, WHAT’S NEXT? Well, the UFC has not said anything yet. But, as I explained a few days ago, I think that we are going to see an announcement that the UFC will have a regular show on Fox. Otherwise, Fox wasted a lot of time and money to promote a “one shot” deal.

Unfortunately, I am not basing this on some “inside scoop” or a whisper from an anonymous UFC source. No, I do not have anything that good to report. But, when you look at big picture, it sure seems like things are moving in that direction.

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