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MARIO SPERRY IS GETTING READY: The offiicial Pride Website has an interview with Mario Sperry, and it sounds like he’s getting primed for his fight against Andrei Kopylov. I had never heard about it, but apparently there’s some controversy over Kopylov using the name “Russian Top Team”:

PRIDE: Members of your Brazilian Top Team have said that they don’t think it’s very funny that Kopylov’s team, Russian Top Team, is using that name and fighting in PRIDE.

Sperry: We’ve called ourselves Top Team from 3 years ago. So, of course we don’t think it’s funny when the Russian fighters call themselves the Russian Top Team. They should have used a name other than Top Team, something that would express the uniqueness of their team. I think if you use the name Top Team, most fans will think of us.

PRIDE: You’re proud of the name Brazilian Top Team.

Sperry: Yes, exactly. If we chose some name similar to Chute Boxe Academy, those guys would get angry, right?

PRIDE: So, how about putting the Top Team name on the line in this fight?

Sperry: I’m not in the position to do that. That’s for the promoter’s to decide but if I could do it, I would. After all, I’m going to win.

I freely admit that I love the Brazilian Top Team fighters. They have great heart, great all around skill and world class Brazilian jiu jitsu – my favorite combination. So, all I can say is – Go Zen Mario!

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