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GRACIE FAMILY FEUD: Cesar Gracie’s website has posted the following message:

We got this in the mail today:

Grand Master Helio Gracie would like to invite you to join him in the celebration of his birthday and the Grand Opening of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Museum.

Festivities will include a Gracie Style cocktail party and a walk down Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Memory Lane. This amazing exhibit includes memorabilia from the Gracie Family Heritage that dates back to the early 1930’s. Come and re-live the challenges and the excitement of the evolution of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with the man who started it all.

Our thoughts: It’s interesting to note that nowhere was the name Carlos Gracie even mentioned let alone paid tribute. Carlos was the true founder of the system and his sons Rolls, Carlson, etc.. were some of the major contributors to the art. Helio Gracie was definitely one of the greats in the family, but to try to rewrite history (according to Rorion) is ludacrous. We won’t be attending.


I must say that I agree with the point made by Graciefighter. Rorion has always promoted Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as having come from his father Helio. While Helio is undeniably one of the pioneers, he learned from his brother Carlos. Carlos’s sons Carlson and Rolls played major rolls in developing BJJ as well. In fact, if you look at the top jiu jitsu fighters in the world today, many of them (Bustamante, Sperry, Belfort, Minotaro, etc.) were trained directly by Carlson or Carlson’s students.

I wish that we could shatter the myth that Helio Gracie is the sole source of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

While the press release does not say that they will ignore Carlos, Carlson and Rollls my bet is that they will get very liitle if any credit. With all the bad blood between Carlson and Rorion (and take if from personal experience, if you want to get Carlson started ask him about Rorion and who ereally created BJJ) I can guarantee that Carlson will not be flying out from Chicago for the festivities.

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