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JORGE “MACACO” PATINO JOINS CESAR GRACIE’S FIGHT TEAM: has announced that Jorge “Macaco” Patino has joined Cesar Gracie’s fight team. This is interesting news for several reasons. First, Macaco has a large academy in Brazil, so it is unclear how much time he will actually spend training with the Cesar Gracie team. Second, Macaco used to train with Cleber Luciano when he was in California, so you have to wonder what, if anything, happened to that relationship. Third, Macaco and Luciano fought Gracie fight team members Gil Castillo and Dave Terell in a no-gi grappling match about amost two years ago, and it is interesting to see how the competitive rivalry evolved into Macaco training with the Cesar Gracie team.

In any event, I wish Macaco and the Cesar Gracie fight team the best of luck.

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