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PHOTO AND VIDEO PROVE THAT GRACIE WAS NOT IN DANGER: Susumu has updated his gallery with photos from the Shockwave show (it was known as “Dynamite” in Japan). One picture in particular stands out:

As this picture clearly shows, Hidehiko Yoshida was not even close to choking out Royce Gracie. The entire right side of Gracie’s neck is exposed, and Gracie’s right hand is blocking any attempt to finish the choke, which means that the blood flow was not being restricted. Of course, this is the exact same view that the referee had when he completely blew it and stopped the fight. This picture makes you wonder what the referee was thinking.

As if that picture was not convincing enough, Undergound forum member vortrex has captured a video of the conclusion of the Gracie-Yoshida fight. It clearly shows that the right side of Gracie’s neck was exposed, and that Gracie never went out. At best, Yoshida had a chance for a smother choke – which I could almost guarantee would never submit Gracie.

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